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Our Story is a full-service, real estate, and luxury lifestyle company representing clients worldwide in a broad spectrum of classes, including residential, new development and relocation.

Since its conception, has redefined the business of real estate, modernizing and advancing the industry by fostering a culture of partnerships in which all clients and listings are represented in a collaborative environment by all of its people. Shunning the traditional model of how real estate is practiced, we share all our knowledge, spheres of influence, contacts, and expertise in their local markets, ensuring our clients better representation and a true competitive edge.

This approach has proven highly successful results and reviews from past and prospective clients.

This allows Florida Real Estate in New York to extend far beyond what conventional Real Estate Companies offer. It envisions itself as both a lifestyle company committed to informing and connecting global communities, and as a creative agency offering design, marketing and sales solutions for buyers, sellers, developers and investors across the globe.

Our agents speak various foreign languages including Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian, German, Hungarian, Russian and Sarcasm 😄

We furnish our clients with all the necessary real estate investments tools, full market information, and guidance in locating the most attractive real estate investment opportunities and structuring complete real estate investment projects. Additionally, provides a range of property management services, which will take care of all their investor’s needs

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There are all kinds of waterfront homes. Oceans, rivers, ponds, streams, and lakes all provide different living experiences.

Some homes are directly on the water, while others are merely within a waterfront neighborhood.

There are surfing shacks, organic farms with ocean views, charming single-story Italian villas nestled in coves, unassuming beach cottages, riverside condominiums, and palatial contemporary compounds near the sea replete with tennis courts and helipads.

Under water florida waterfront

Although, there is nothing like living on the ocean, being sung to sleep by the sounds of the waves crashing just outside your bedroom window. Homes located on the ocean are highly coveted and appreciated for their luxurious charm. Plus, Florida offers some of the most affordable luxury beach front homes in the nation. And just wait until you see the sunsets that’ll provide a feast for your eyes every night. Pick your oceanfront property wisely and you’re likely to see a big return on investment. As the number of available oceanfront properties continues to decline, the value of oceanfront homes is continually on the rise.

However, you don’t have to spend millions of dollars on a beach house ….if you know where to look.

Typically, waterfront homes are worth twice as much as their landlocked counterparts. On Long Island’s South Shore and along  New York’s Long Island Sound, that means many millions. The famous playground for the rich and famous that’s just a train ride from the citadels of corporate power in New York City, the Hamptons features some of the most expensive properties in the country But in parts of Florida, which boasts some of the more affordable waterfront property in the nation, that could mean less than anticipated.

Of course, it may not stay that way for long. The saying among real estate agents, “They don’t make waterfront property anymore,” is no joke. Thanks to limited available waterfront property and escalating insurance costs, there’s simply less available, affordable property to go around.

So if winter is making you dream of ocean views and tropical temperatures, check out a few areas like Delray Beach, which calls itself “Florida’s Village by the sea,” was named the most fun small town in America by Rand McNally’s Best of the Road in 2012. Its Atlantic Dunes Park, Delray Municipal Beach, golf, tennis, and arts community lure around 1 million tourists each year, according to the Downtown Development Authority. With the newest and hottest in nightlife and restaurateurs attracted to Atlantic Ave. Delray has something for everyone in every budget.

Deerfield Beach’s “Blue Wave” waterfront got its name from the Clean Beach Council based on its clean water, good beach conditions, habitat conservation, safety services and public information. The Quiet Waters Park also offers opportunities for fishing, camping, skating and “cable skiing,” a popular local sport combining surfing, skiing, and wakeboarding.

boat in ocean

Hobe Sound, Florida, located along the Atlantic Coast, has about 10 beaches to choose from, including Jensen Beach, Bathtub Reef Beach and Santa Lucea Beach. It attracts tourists and local nature-lovers with its Blowing Rocks wildlife preserve, Hobe Sound Nature Center and Hobe Sound National Wildlife Refuge.

Boynton Beach is unlike some of its neighbors, Boynton is a little bit more affordable, but the amenities of these areas are easily accessible, such as Boca Raton’s Florida Atlantic University’s Lifelong Learning Society and the cultural attractions of the Fort Lauderdale area. The city has plenty of public beaches and parks to enjoy and lots of 55+ active adult communities for those looking to easily establish a social life in the sunshine state.

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The game of golf has a long and storied history in the Sunshine State. 

Golf was first introduced in the late 1800s during the state’s early tourism boom, and Florida is now a global mecca for the sport.

One of the best reasons for living in Florida is easy access to nearly limitless year-round golf. Our state offers everything from world-class destination courses that draw tourists from around the world to family-friendly greens where your kids can join in and practice their skills.


Even the most avid golfers will find it nearly impossible to get bored with the incredible variety of scenery and technical challenges, even within a single metropolitan area.

This year no fewer than eight Florida courses made Golf Magazine’s top 100 public spots to play in the US.

The PGA headquarters resides in Palm Beach Gardens, in southern Florida. And from late February to early March, they host four PGA tournaments, including the Honda Classic at PGA National in Palm Beach Gardens. Let Florida Real Estate in New guide you as you explore golf in Florida.

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Fly and Buy

One of the best features Florida Real Estate in New offers,  Come experience the luxurious lifestyle and meet with our sales teams to see why South East Florida is the best place to call home.

Benefits of the Fly and Buy program include:

  1. Reimbursable travel expenses refunded at closing
  2. Any airline, any airport, your choice. No restrictions
  3. A selection of single-family homes, condos, townhomes, Villas to fit every lifestyle.
  4. Transportation to and from hotel of choice on arrival and departure
  5. Guided tours with one of our sales associates which specialize in your exact area of interest.

Florida real estate

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When relocating it is important to ensure a seamless transition from not only selling your current home and purchasing your new but also manage any obstacles in-between. Our goal is to provide a wealth of real estate related information while connecting home buyers and sellers In New York and Florida.

The relocation and the actual moving process is difficult enough without having to worry about finding an experienced and qualified top REALTOR® to assist you in the process of buying and/or selling your home. All of our agents have been categorized in their respective neighborhoods, cities, and towns in Florida.  Our top real estate agents have the local knowledge to help you find the right relocation services and any other services related to moving and real estate transactions to facilitate your relocation process.


No matter where you are in life, the moving and relocation process can easily become overwhelming and expensive. Florida Real Estate in New was built to help you, the home buyer and real estate seller looking move locally or to relocate over great distances to be equipped with the tools and resources needed to assist so that you have the best possible moving experience.

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Many social and financial experts worry that the baby boomers, better known for spending than for saving, face an economic train wreck in retirement.

But don’t count the boomers out yet. Real estate and a willingness to shift lifestyle gears may come to their rescue, allowing the boomers to retire on considerably less than the 70 percent to 80 percent of their pre-retirement incomes recommended by the mutual fund industry. By selling their homes that are paid for, or mostly paid for, in expensive urban areas Like New York and other areas in the Northern United States and moving to sometimes astonishingly less expensive parts of the country, many boomers may well be able to pay cash for a new home and avoid the dire financial straits that some economists predict for them.

florida realestate in new york

A lot of Boomers will continue to flock to popular and traditional retirement havens like Florida. These are areas with many months of beautiful warm weather and an abundance of leisure activities such as Golf and Prime Fishing. Additionally, there are also facilities and activities geared to older adults, through promotions and advertising by homebuilders, whose construction efforts in recent years have been massive. It is this dynamic, for instance, that has helped many parts of Southeast Florida become the best choice for baby boomers looking to Relocate, Downsize, Retire, or purchase investment properties and vacation homes.

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Millennials are moving into their home buying years, but with precious few starter houses available for sale, a growing number of these buyers are choosing to rent single-family homes. That is a big opportunity for investors overall.

Large-scale, institutional investors may have cleaned house during the foreclosure crisis, buying distressed homes in markets like Las Vegas, Phoenix and much of Florida, but the bulk of investors today are smaller scale. They are seeing more lucrative opportunities in less-obvious markets.

A just-released study actually shows a shake-up at the top of the list, Florida continues to have more markets on the list than any other state, even increasing in the first quarter compared to the end of 2016, due to single-family rent rises in the state.


The share of institutional investors, defined as those who purchase at least 10 properties in one calendar year, continues to shrink, now just 2.6 percent, compared to 3.4 percent a year ago, according to RealtyTrac. That has opened the door for smaller-scale investors to compete.

Tight supply and higher prices will push ever more potential buyers into rentals. Saving for a down payment is one of the biggest barriers to entry for first-time buyers, and finding a well-priced starter home ranks right up there, until the housing market regains a healthier balance between buyers and seller, rentals will clearly be a lucrative investment.

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10-31 Exchange

Sometimes called a Starker exchange, the 1031 tax deferred exchange is a tool that real estate investors can use to trade properties without incurring taxes on the sale. By following the detailed rules of Section 1031 of the tax code, investors can avoid paying capital gains and depreciation recapture taxes when they sell their properties.


Time Periods

The IRS requires that you complete your 1031 exchange within a set time period, and if you miss the deadlines, your exchange will fail and you will have to pay taxes as if you did not exchange. The first deadline is that you must identify which properties you are considering buying within 45 days of your relinquished property’s closing. The second rule is that you must close on the replacement property and perfect the exchange no later than 180 days after the closing of the replacement property.

Property Types and the Meaning of “Like Kind”

For the 1031 exchange to be valid, you must exchange your property for another property of “like kind.” While like kind rules can be very complicated for personal property exchanges, the standard is relatively simple for investment property. Any piece of investment property in the United States is like-kind to any other investment property in the United States. In other words, you could sell a six-unit building in New York City and use the proceeds to buy a Cattle farm in Hobe Sound, Florida or a strip center in West Palm Beach Florida, as long as they are held as investments and not as personal residences.

1031 sec

Identification Rules

When you do a 1031 exchange, the IRS limits how many like-kind properties you can identify during the 45-day period. The most popular rule, the three-property rule, allows you to identify up to three properties of any value with the requirement that you buy at least one of them. The other two rules are the 200 percent rule, which lets you identify as many properties as you want as long as they do not exceed twice the value of the property you sold and the 95 percent rule which also lets you identify as many properties as you want, but requires you to buy at least 95 percent of their total value.

Tax Deferral

To be clear, the 1031 exchange doesn’t completely eliminate capital gains and depreciation recapture tax liability. When you do an exchange, your basis gets carried forward, meaning that you start out owning your new property with your old basis. If you ever sell a property that you 1031 exchanged into without doing an exchange, you would end up paying all of the capital gains and depreciation recapture taxes that you would have paid along the way. You have one way to avoid this unpleasant consequence, though. All that you have to do is to die. When you die, your heirs inherit your property with a stepped up basis equal to its fair market value on the date of your death. This erases any capital gains or recaptures tax liability.

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Physicians, MD’s, Nurses and Healthcare Professionals.

Imagine if a physician could find a Real Estate Professional that specializes in working with physicians by visiting an online database who regularly sell homes to Healthcare professionals. Florida Real Estate in New York provides just that!  When searching for homes for sale a physician or other healthcare professional is often interested in upscale neighborhoods in close proximity to area hospitals.  Because most physicians have on call responsibilities they will want a personal residence that has a short drive time to not only their medical practice office or clinic but also to the hospital where they admit patients.

Established Practicing Physicians

Established physicians with strong earnings, high salaries, and high net worth are not as affected by stringent lending standards, high property taxes or luxury home prices.  They are more concerned with the quality of life issues that affect their families.  Access to quality public schools and private schools, recreational amenities, safe neighborhoods, strong real estate values and social amenities such as exclusive clubs and high-end dining venues are general more important than other aspects of your decision-making process than others.  At Florida Real Estate in New, we know which neighborhoods are preferred by physicians.  We can provide information about taxes, schools, and community features. 

stethoscope doctor medical florida realestate

Young Physicians, Residents, and Fellows

A search for residential real estate will be driven by the special needs of the doctor.  A young physician who has recently graduated from their medical residency or fellowship program may well be most concerned that they are able to qualify for a home loan.  They will usually still be carrying a substantial amount of Educational Debut; Florida Real Estate in New has access to funding designed specifically for physician buyers.  In addition to listing preferred Real Estate Professionals with experience in working with young physicians with high income but limited net worth, our team offers a complete database of preferred lenders with special physician mortgage programs.  Often these programs do not require private mortgage insurance and allow for low down payments of as little as 10%. 

doctor medical medicine health

Senior Physicians and Retirees

Senior physicians and those approaching retirement will often be empty nesters considering downsizing their personal homes.  They may wish to consider upscale Condos or Townhomes in country club communities or retirement communities.  At Florida Real Estate in New can work around the physician’s schedule and help them make an informed decision that meets all of their family and social needs.

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